Sunday, August 18, 2013

Free Clothing by 3 Select TSR Artist - Donated By BrookeDanielle93

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Clubbing Dress by lorandiasims3

Set Includes: 1 Dress
Recolorable, Female Only
Type: Outfits
Style: Everyday, Formal
Age: Young Adult, Adult

Colorful Skinny Jeans Set by Simromi

Set Includes: 3 Pieces
Female Only
5 color variations for each age group
Age: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Denim Shorts & T-Shirt Set by Simromi

Set Includes: 2 Pieces
Make Only
Age: Young Adult, Adult

Designer Set by LorandiaSims3

Set Includes: 3 Items
Female Only
Age: Young Adult, Adult

Harmonia Double-breasted Skirt Trench-coat

Set Includes: 1 Item
Custom Mesh, Female Only,
4 Variations. Recolorable
Type: Outfits
Style: Everyday, Outerwear
Age: Young Adult, Adult

Contains Both


Be sure to leave a Thank You
 to Our Donor "BrookeDanielle93"
for her wonderful Generosity.

All Files Can Be Downloaded Separately

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