Saturday, September 21, 2013

Facebook Exclusives Updated!

Hello Everyone,

     There seemed to be a little confusion on how to access the download link for our Facebook Exclusives from our News Feed. To clear this up we have Updated all Facebook Exclusive Links to direct you to the Album on Facebook that has the Exclusive Image in it. Therefore, all you need to do is locate the Image in the Album, Click on the Image and then Click See More... to get the URL for the Download. 

     We have also Updated our FAQ's page with a section on the Facebook Exclusives to Help with this Problem.

     Please keep in mind that when making a Post/Comment, any HTML Codes will most likely be rejected. For example, when sending a Link Exchange Request just send the URL of your button and the URL to your site, or send the Information to us using Email. On that note, We will also be Happy to exchange a Text Link if you don't like buttons.

Have A Wonderful Day

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