Saturday, October 19, 2013

Awesome News!!!


     Welcome to the weekend. Today has been a wonderful day. Heck, the past few days have been wonderful, As mentioned above we have reached several milestones over the past couple of day or we are about to accomplish one. I am beyond thrilled at how well we are doing, and needless to say it is all because of you, Our wonderful viewers. So on with the good News... 

Page View Update: 

     I was shocked to see just how fast we are coming up on Our 20,000 Page Views. we are right now at 19,726 and we have reached this in just 13 days since our last 5,000 page views. To mark this occasion I want to do something a little different. In the comments below, leave me a short message on what you would like to request as a gift for reaching this milestone. I will only accept these request for 3 days starting with today, and you can only make 1 request.  I will then choose 5 request to represent the milestone before filling the rest of the request. Please remember to add the Name and Artist of the Item and if possible the URL/Address where the Item is. 

Our Followers: 

     Wow, We have reached 20 Followers. Yes, I am so happy about this. I was told that it would take a long time to reach 10 and in 3 months I have reached 20. So yes, I am happy and again I owe it all to you Awesome People. So Please continue to tell your friends about us and lets move this number up another 20.

Our Facebook Friends:

     I love you guys, we are right now at 338 Friends and I couldn't be happier. At this rate will will reach the 500 milestone soon, So keep sharing our page and telling your friends about us.

Now for the REALLY Awesome News:

     You probably noticed that I have been posting a little later then normal. It's because I have been a little busy trying to get organized. We just received the biggest donation I have every gotten. Are you ready for this... Over 2,500 files were donated over the past 2 days. And they just keep coming. The generosity of these people who donate is what is making this blog a success. I can't begin to Thank All those who take the time to donate their items to us. So bare with me as I try to get things organized and get these new donations ready to be posted.

ES Sims 3 Cemetery:  

     We have reached a page view milestone with our Cemetery. as of right now we are at 1,071 Page Views. This is Awesome... So a huge thank you to all of you who take the time to visit. I hope that you are able to find some of things that you've been looking for.  

     Don't forget to leave you request below. Have a Wonderful Day!!!

We Hope You

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