Thursday, October 24, 2013

Update: TSR is Now FREE

What this means for Us:

     Not much is going to change for us here. We still will offer great FREE Downloads as before only with a twist. On Sties that offer Free Content, We will offer a choice in how you want your content, If an Artist offers only .sims3packs, We will link back to the proper download page of that artist where you can download the .sims3pack. If you want .package format then a download link will be provided for Downloading. If the posted Content is from a Subscription/Pay Site you will have to option to Download it from here or from the Artist of the Content. The Choice will always remain Your's. WE DO NOT CLAIM any of the Content as or Own. WE DO GIVE CREDIT where it belongs and always will.

New Donations/Gifts:

     We are still receiving New Donations/Gifts on a daily basis. These will be posted as normal, only we will follow the above for postings. We want to send a Hearty Thank You to All of those who have donated and gifted Content to us and to those who continue to send them. Your the backbone of this site.

REQUEST's Are Permanently Open:

     We will be taking Request on a daily basis. Especially for .package format, and the new All-In-One .package format. 

Example of All-In-One .package:

     Lets look at the Lavelle Truffle Series from VitaSims3. There are 4 Room Sets in the Series that contain a total of 141 .sims3packs or .packages in all. Installing all 141 individual packages into you game can cause Slow Loading or In Game Lagging. We can merge all 141 .packages into 1 All-In-One .package to help eliminate some if not all of these problems. Or if nothing else it will help you to manage your Custom Content (CC). For example. Merging all the content from one site or merging all the hairs you have in game. Keep in mind that the less packages you have in game the more content you can have. 141 .pages vs 1 package. which would you rather have? We do ask when  making a request that you remember others and please try to follow the rules stated on our Request Page.

The Sum of it:

      To sum it up not much will change, and we opened more opportunities for you to get your CC the way you want it. So, Have a Wonderful Day and Happy Simming

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  1. Replies
    1. I have to wonder how long it will last. They have had the subscription thing going for as long as I can remember and that goes way back. I had to load and reload the page several times and in different browser before I took that screenshot.

    2. It seems to last, though they have increased the waiting time from 4 seconds up to 10, and when I was using adblocks it was up to 30 sec. So I guess as long as the advertisement keeps them going it should stay free.

    3. I know all to well about the adblock, I actually disabled mine to see how bad the ads were and was shocked at how much they slowed down the page load time. Plus, it's well known that ads are a way of delivering things that are harmful to computer, (I AM NOT saying that TSR's Ads are Harmful to your computer) but, I am not going to take a chance on that either. Better to be safe then sorry. 30 sec vs. a virus infection.... I'll take the 30 secs...anytime.

    4. I admit I count on my antivirus to do the job to protect me, most ads are from local stores and not from TSR directly. And after a page or two it is so much it crashes javascript so I kill it and I can keep on without ads :p But once I will be done getting so much I will block them again. Definitely :p

    5. Hun, I'm running 3 virus detectors and 2 firewalls and I still get a few malware here and there that I have to remove once I do a manual scan. I have a schedule that I live by religiously. Once a week I run manual scans on my PC then I do a boot time scan to make sure I don't have anything lurking around. I've got too much invested in this thing not to.