Saturday, June 28, 2014

Emma's Simposium Out Of Commission!!!

* ES Will Be Off-Line *

Do to PC Problems Emma's Simposium
Will not be able to post new updates or take request
until after Tuesday of next week.

I Was woken up this morning to a power outage and when it came back on
there must have been a power surge that blew my motherboard in my PC. ;(
Luckily I have several days of pages that are ready to be posted
so just stop by and check them out. I wont be able to fill request until after
Tuesday because all my resources are still on my hard drive
 Soooo... please bare with me until I get my PC back.

You are more then welcome to still leave your request.but just
keep in mind that I wont be able to fill them until
I get my PC back on Tuesday.

Thank You For Understanding

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