Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Request 000020 - Fine Flavors Kitchen & Dining by SIMcredible - Donated/Gifted To Us (Requested)!!!!

Set Includes: 19 Pieces
* 1 Cabinet * 1 Counter * 1 Chair *
* 11 Decor * 2 Table *
* 3 Large Appliance *
Pets Updated: Yes
Required: Base Game, Latest Patch,
Collection File: Yes

Contains Both Sims3pack & Package Formats

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Thank You for Our Donors/Gifters in the comments below.

All Files Can be Downloaded Separately

Or Download From The Artist: SIMcredible

We Do Not Post .sims3packs for Content that
 is offered Free unless it is UWP. You can download them From the Artist.
All Content has been "Shared/Given" by Anonymous
People So it may be Re-Shared with the Sims 3 Community

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