Friday, September 12, 2014

150,000 Visitors Exclusive - AWESOME!!!

150,000 Visitors,
What a Wonderful Day!
A year ago I never thought that we'd reach a
milestone like this.  150,000!!!! I am on top of the world.
I wan't to Thank each and everyone of you for
Your continued support. It "You Our Viewers"
who have brought us to this point in time.
And just saying Thanks is not enough.
We hope you enjoy the Gift Below
Newsea's Newest Hair.

Sandra by Newsea (YU175)

Set Includes: 3 Pieces
* 1 Hairstyle *
Age: Toddler, Child, Teen,
Young Adult, Adult, Elder,
Gender: Female
Pets Updated: Not Needed
Required: Base Game, Latest Patch,
Collection File: No

Contains Both Sims3pack & Package Formats

Please take a Moment and leave a brief
Thank You for Our Donors/Gifters in the comments below.

All Files Can be Downloaded Separately

Please Note:
You Have the Option to Download
This Set From The Artist: Newsea

We Do Not Post .sims3packs for Content that
 is offered Free unless it is UWP or Requested. You can download them From the Artist.

All Content has been "Shared/Given" by Anonymous
People So it may be Re-Shared with the Sims 3 Community

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  1. Oh Emma, I'm so happy for you, I don't why I missed this post =( Congratulations Dear! You worked so hard to give us these downloads, thank you xo

    1. No, Thank You for be such a great supporter. I love doing this. So Thank You and All of the Others that makes what I do worth it. Love You All.