Sunday, March 1, 2015

Request & How They Are Handled!!!

See How We Get Them & Handle Them.

Hello Everyone, 

     Welcome to our blog, In light of recent Anonymous Request I thought it was best to address How we receive Items and how we Handle them when we redistribute them to the Sims Community, 

     First and Foremost, We ask for your Patients when making a request. We currently take Request for Paid Content and Free Content for Both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. We try very hard to fill each request as soon as we get them. Normally. almost all request are filled within 24 hours after the request is posted to the blog. However, there are a few occasions when a request comes in for a Very New item or a Very Old item that has not been shared with us. When this happens we "Put the Word Out" that a request has been made for a particular item and if Our Friends choose to, they share the item with us to redistribute them. 

     When making a request for Paid Content Please keep in mind that someone has to actually pay for the content. So, it may take a few days before we actually get our hands in them. This is especially true for the New content for The Sims 4, And speaking of the Sims 4, it has put the Sims 3 on the back burner in the sharing department. Why??? I'm not sure. but we saw this happen with The Sims 2 when the Sims 3 first came out. 

     With that said, We do want to stress that "As Soon As We Get A Requested Item We Will Post It" There have been several Anonymous Request made for Melissa by Newsea (YU180) for The Sims 3. This Item has not been shared with us yet, Normally, I post a reply if an Item can't be filled right a way but these Request was sent through Our MediaFire Account and There is no way to contact these Persons, which is perfectly fine. Just please be Patient with us and We will get the Item posted as soon as we get it. 

     How we handle the Content, depends on how we receive it. If it's uploaded straight to our online storage sites we Sift through it and note what we have on hand then we move the content in to the separate folder and prepare them for sharing.  If they are older Sims 3 files (before Pets) we test to see if they need the Pets fix before distributing them. If they are in .sims3packs we will provide the .package format in the same Zip file. If the Content is listed as free on the Artist site we then remove the .sims3pack and provide only the .package format. The reason for doing this is so the Artist gets the download credit for their work. We Do Not and Will not EVER take the credit for ANY ARTIST's Work, except for our own. Even those that give permission for us to post their content get the credit for their content. As a Creator for the Sims 3 and the Sims 4 I know the time it takes to make the content. 

     There was one a comment made that I was an idiot for posting the TSR Sims 3 Content once the site when free. What this person failed to see was, all the content I share here is Linked directly to the Artist. The only exceptions are, the content is no longer available from the artist, or the Content is a Paid Content,  Or the site has Nude images on them. PEOPLE Need to keep in mind that 99% of the players of the Sims Games are Children, Even doing this, We Still Give the Credit to The Artist that created the Content, and we post a link to their site , so if you wish to download the content from them you can.  However, WE DO NOT POST The Links To Site that Have Nudity on them but we do post the Name of the Site or the Artist and you may visit that site by doing a Google search at your own discretion. 

     So...With this all said, PLEASE Enjoy Our site and We hope you will continue to place your Request with us. Just Please be Patient. 

Thank You for Visiting

We Do Not Post .sims3packs or Sims 4 Content that
 is offered Free unless it is Uploaded, UWP or Requested.
You can download them From the Artist.

All Content has been "Shared/Given" by Anonymous
People So it may be Re-Shared with the Sims 3 Community

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