Friday, March 20, 2015

Update On Sims 3 Websites Closing - Please Read!!!

Sims 3 Websites Closing is on the Rise:

     We have noticed a steady increase of well known websites closing, Sites such as PeggyZone, Raonjena & Rose Sims 3. We won't link to Raonjena's website because, 4 out of 5 of our visits to her website resulted in a redirection to unwanted content or malicious content. We do have a good portion of their content but most of it is the paid content that was shared with us. We would like to get some of the free content that they offered, but we will need to rely on those who are willing to share the content so others may enjoy it to. 

     We will give these Artist a few months before we move their content to the ES Sims 3 Cemetery in hopes that they will open their sites back up to the public. We do ask that if you are willing, please share what every content you have for these 3 Artist. Lets preserve their work for others to enjoy.

Thank You for taking the time to read this and please reblog this and lets get the word out in hope that others will share their content.

Happy Simming,

We Do Not Post .sims3packs or Sims 4 Content that
 is offered Free unless it is Uploaded, UWP or Requested.
You can download them From the Artist.

All Content has been "Shared/Given" by Anonymous
People So it may be Re-Shared with the Sims 3 Community

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