Monday, May 4, 2015

UPDATE!!! - Changes Coming To Emma's Simposium S3 Section

From Emma:

     I like to take a moment and Thank all of those who sent their "Condolences" and "Sympathy" for the Passing of my Father. I still have my moments but, with Family and Friends and most importantly Our Lord, each day will get better. A special Thank You goes to my Husband, My Daughter, My Son, My Cousin and Her beautiful Daughter, and My Mother-in-Law, for standing by me and praying for me each day. Without them I honestly don't know how I could handle it. On April 23, 2010 I lost My Mother and on April 8, 2015 I lost My Dad, 5 Years and 15 days apart. Love and Miss them Both.

Sites Closed, Off Line or No Longer Updated:

     As most of you know Several of the Sims 3 Sites have either Closed, Gone Off Line, or they are No Longer Updated (Abandon). We will be taking time to move these Sites to The ES Sims 3 Cemetery.  The first 3 Sites that will be moved are PeggyZone, Raonjena, and Rose Sims 3. We are seeking Any Content (Free or Paid) from these sites so they can be preserved and shared throughout the Sims 3 Community. If you are aware of any sites/artist that are Closed, Off Line, or Abandon, Please let us know.

     While we up date our Sims 3 Sections Please be patient with Us. We will still try to post on a daily basis but there may be days where our scheduled post will run dry and we may need a few days to stock them up again. 

Sims 3 & 4 Free  & Paid Content:

     We Still believe that all Sims 2, 3, & 4 Custom Content Should be FREE and We are still a firm believer in giving credit to the owner of the Content. So in light of this, All free content will be Author Site Linked. What this means is, when you click on a download button You will either be taken to the Authors Download Page (Mediafire, Dropbox, ect...) or their Immediate Download Link to download the content. I My Self do not like the Ad-Fly or other get paid to shorten your links Sites. I think that those are just as bad as the authors that charge a fee to download their content. But to respect those using these that offer free Content, I WILL, for now, Link to the these shorten links unless they are Requested other wise. However, Please be aware that I DO NOT think that it is alright to earn any cash for downloading supposedly FREE Content, and this may change.

TSR & Their Ridiculously Long Time Limit:

     I always try to be fair about how I list Someone else's Content, And No matter what I Always Link to the site of the Author or to the Author's content page when I list an item (free or paid) and this Includes TSR. I get a lot of request to post their content without the ridiculously long wait time. I realize they have to pay for their storage, servers, and what not, but you know what??? A lot of us do. Not to mention that most of the ads TSR uses have tracking software to track your visitors and some even contain malware. This is the reason why most people including ME uses an ad-blocker. And the amount of ads TSR is using...SMH. I tried turning off my Ad-blocker twice, my browser actually froze up due to the amount of ads trying to load and my anti virus software went haywire blocking ads because of malware. If your offering FREE content Why punish us or our equipment to get it. 

     Due to this We will give a choice when posting Content From TSR. Timed Or Not Timed. But we will still give the Authors of TSR the Credit they deserve.  If you agree and want us to continue to offer a No Time Limit Download, Please let us know in the Comments below. You can remain anonymous but we'd like to hear from You.

Thank You All
for your continued Support
& for Visiting with Us        

We Do Not Post .sims3packs or Sims 4 Content that
 is offered Free unless it is Uploaded, UWP or Requested.
You can download them From the Artist.

All Content has been "Shared/Given" by Anonymous
People So it may be Re-Shared with the Sims 3 Community

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  1. Would love to get TSR stuff other than going to thier site. The wait, multi ads, and malaware pi** me off!

    1. Just need someone to Request it Publicly ... I'll start posting more TSR Stuff "with out the wait"... :) Course You will always have a choice to download from the artist. :)

  2. Please continue to post TSR stuff without the outrageous wait times. Their site is unusable without Adblock.

    1. Hello Dear,

      We are going to continue to post TSR CC for Both Sims 3 & 4. I can't agree with you more about the ads and the ridiculously long wait time. Currently are trying to play catch up on all the sties that are closing or have closed. If there are any particular items that you wish to get right away please drop us a note with a link to the item and we will Post it ASAP. Thank you for being patient with us.