Monday, May 30, 2016

S3 Request - Anto S3 Darko (M&F Hair) - AR

Set Includes: 2 Piece
* 1 Hairstyle *
Category: Hair
Ages: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder,
Gender: Male & Female
Sizes: N/A
Color Options: Yes
Hat Enabled: N/A
Retextured/Conversion: Original + Conversion
New Mesh: Yes
In Game Cost: N?A
May Be Recolored: Yes
Required: Base Game, Latest Patch,
Original Author: Anto/CoolSims
Uploaded by: Anonymous/Emma's Simposium

The "Alternate Link" Contains
Both Genders Plus Both Formats

Contains Sims3packs & Package Formats

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi,
      I tried the hair in the game but for some reason, both sides of the hair have spaces and is missing. Do you know why this could be and is there a way to fix it? thx

    2. Hello dear,
      I am sorry you are having these troubles. Which hair did you use. Male or female. I no longer have the Sims 3 on my PC so I can't see them in game. I did however pull them up in the TSR Workshop and they both (Male and Female) seem to be ok in there. The sides of the hair is suppose to be shaved and some so some heads may not work with it. if you used the female version try the male version and see if does the same thing. This will help me when I try to fix it.

      Thank you for bring this to my attention.

    3. So sorry for getting back to you so late on this. It works perfect for the males on all head shapes/sizes. I'm only having problems with the females no matter the shape of head etc. I'm going to take some pics in CAS when i get back on tonight and link it to you so you can see.

    4. Okay here is the link to the pic of what the hair looks like in the game.



    5. Sweetie I can't see these because that are still on your pc. can you email me the screenshots. here's my email emma.j3an @

    6. Okay here is a working link.

    7. Are you using any type of sliders that allow you to adjust the head? These could interfere with this hair. It looks like the hair isn't morphing with the head as the head is being adjusted.

      If you are using a slider besides the original game sliders try disabling them and see if the works. I used just the base game sliders and it worked for me. It also works when I pull it up in the TSR Workshop.

      When converting a hair from male to female I just remove the "Allow for Male" and add "Allow for Female" I don't do anything to the actual hair so it is as Anto made it.

      I can try to reconvert it again but I don't think it will make a different.

      Try disabling any sliders and let me know it that worked.

      I don't know what else to do except have some make the hair from scratch for females. I am sorry.


    8. Sorry for the late late response. Thank you so much it's okay about the hair.

    9. Hello Dear,

      You are fine. I am So sorry about this hair. I wish there is more we can do.