Sunday, July 24, 2016

TS4 & TS3 Site Wide Update - 07-24-2016

* Image Mess Up *

Current Image Problem:

     By now you have noticed that most of our images are broken. We are not sure what the problem is with our current Host ( Some time yesterday morning they went down, which we thought was due to performing a schedule maintenance on the servers which normally takes a couple of hours and then they come back up. So far this has not happened. And we are not sure that they will be coming back on-line. So the search has begun to find a new host.

New Image Host:

     With a lot of searching and research we have decided to go with Google Photos and are currently starting to re-upload all of our images to a new host. Hopefully we will have better luck with Google then ePhoto Bay. Only time will tell. 

     We ask that you bare with us as we try to get all the post (over 1,000) updated. We will take breaks to answer request and to schedule post so you can have new content on a daily basis. If your Request is answered by the second day, please comment on your request to remind us. We will start with our current post and work our way back to our older posts. 

Thank You all for being patient
With Us as we try to fix this mess.

Hugs To All

We will not Post Sims 3 or Sims 4 Content that
 is offered Free or Pay unless it is Anonymously Uploaded (AU), 
Used With Permission (UWP), or Requested.
All of our Content listed on this blog has been "Shared/Given/AU/UWP"
 by Anonymous Persons or the Author/Artist them selves.
See our FAQ's for information on how the content is shared with us.

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