Thursday, August 4, 2016

Important Message and Warning!!!

Emma's Simposium Under Attack Again.

MaySims Claims Copyright on Other Creator's Work

DMCA Complaint Against US...

     As most of you have probably noticed, several post (8 to be exact) containing MaySims Hairs have disappeared. This is due to a DMCA Complaint placed against Us when MaySims went straight to Google and filed the DMCA Copyright Infringement complaint without any contact to us at all. I only found out when I logged in to blogger and saw a banner at the top of the page.

My question is “How can you claim Copyright Infringement when you are not the Owner of the Original Work?”

Now, we all know that all most all of the content that MaySims shares is NOT originally her own and she states this on the images of the content she places on her pages.

Right Newsea's TS3 Original - Left MaySims Converted (Flipped) Mesh Edit

Newsea TS4 Original - It could actually be either one.

     This is proof that the original meshes belong to Other Creator's which include, but not limited to PeggyZone, RoseSims, RoanJena, Newsea, and ButterflySims. It is a known fact by know that 3 of the above mentioned creator's are no longer on-line and had been inactive for some time before their sites went off-line. So it is highly unlikely that she has obtained permission to use these Creator's Content.

Possible Reason Why We Were Attacked:

     It is my belief the reason We were attacked by MaySims was because a person, who will remain anonymous, paid cash money for a hair from MaySims and after placing the hair in game realized the hair was messed up. This person proceed to contact MaySims and request a fixed version of the hair. It just so happened that by request We posted the same hair and several people told us the hair was messed up which resulted in us testing the hair in game and posting screenshots of the hair in game being messed up. MaySims responded to this person who actually paid for the hair with an email which supposedly contained a new version of the hair but was instead an actuall virus that destroyed her hard drive resulting in her losing valuable programs and personal data, not to mention the cost of repair to her personal property. When it was brought to MaySims attention about the virus she removed this long standing paid member and blocked her IP address from viewing her site. MaySims then proceeded to go after Emma's Simposium with a DMCA Complaint that resulted in the 8 post being removed. We only learned of the person above the day after the DMCA Complaint was filed through several of our friends.

     We could fight this by claiming that under the Fair Use Act ANYONE has a right to post the content that had been removed here based on the fact that MaySims does not own the Original Work that the content I posted was manipulated and changed by Her and then called as her own work. But, Her actions cause us concern, please continue to read.

Further Use of MaySims Content & Request:

     Due to MaySims actions with one of her “Paid Member” she or her content CAN NOT BE TRUSTED AS SAFE. So we will remove all current remaing pages connected to our blog that contain any of her content. Any Future Request for MaySims Content Will Only be filled after the content has been properly scanned for anything harmful. ALL REQUEST FOR MAYSIMS CONTENT MUST COME THROUGH OUR REQUEST PAGE OR THROUGH EMAIL. WE PREFER THAT YOU USE EMAIL  The Request will then be fulfilled in the form of a temporary Text Document, as we will not post a downloadable direct link to the content on our blog due to the DMCA Complaint.

     We Respectfully Regret any inconvenience this may cause anyone and Hope that you will continue to visit us and enjoy our site.

     Many of you have heard about Tingelingelater's Claim and how I worked with him and yet he still field a DMCA against me. And Yes his content can still be found on many storage sites. But, that does not stop me from being willing to work with others who have a problem with the CC We post. Heck, Whats wrong with this is, I'm not the only one who is sharing Others CC. There have to be a 100+ other sites that do the same thing that I do. But I got targeted because I posted the truth about a piece of content that was no good and it was “ASSUMED” that I new a person who also had the same problem. I said this once and I'll say it again. “ASSUME” makes an “ASS out of U and ME”



Sincerely Emma @ Emma's Simposium

All Content On this Blog is Anonymously Uploaded (AU),
Anonymous Links Shared (ALS), Used With Permission (UWP),
Requested. All of our Content listed on this blog has been
"Shared/Given/AU/UWP" by Anonymous Persons
or the Author/Artist them selves. We do not control all the
Links conected to this blog. This includes Links to downloadable
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  1. Your absolutely right about it not being "her" content in the first place!! I'm behind you Emma 100%

    1. Thank You Susan,

      It means a lot that people are standing behind us. My concern is, how many more people are going to lose valuable personal properity before she is stopped.

      Thank you Hun for your support

    2. I stand behind you. Thank you for the heads up. I love your Sims 3 site and I appreciate what you do for us. Sorry that you are going through this stressful mess. As for Maysims she is completely in the wrong. She is being very hypocritical. She needs a DMCA filed against her. She needs to be reported for using others ppls meshes and making money off of it without their permission. I think she is just jealous and greedy.

    3. Thank You Dear,

      Whay thank you dear for standing with us. I think that since none of the original creator's are coming forward to do anything about MaySims and the fact that she is making money off their creations then all the rest of us need to just start recoloring and converting everything she has...

      Hmmm. Sounds like a plan to me. We need to treat her like she does everyone else.

      Thank You again for standing with us.

  2. We can do nothing against maysim ? She stole work of others and ask money !

    1. Hello Dear,

      The original creator's of the content could step forward and File a DMCA and We might be able to report her for the creator's who are off-line, however, It seems she has her own domain so her post can't be reported unless we can find out who host the domain. Then that would depend on what their TOS & TOU say about falsifying her copyright claim. We are working to find out those details now.

  3. Hi Emma,
    I enjoy the content you post, and I am sad and sorry that you are going through this. I support you 100%, and hope that she is stopped and soon.


    1. Thank You Dear,

      We also hope that she is stoped. At least the part where she is claiming copyright of other creator's work and the fact that she is charging money for their work. That is just wrong on all accounts.

      Thank you so much for supporting us. I am so glad you are enjoying our site and what we post.


    2. You're welcome, Emma, and stay strong! :)

  4. "someone ask me why send exe files. That is what we try to challenge nowdays. (we want to make download tools program. (All in one- TS4 viwer + Package Tracer +
    Cheat hotkey + Option Settings + Download Tools what we made)"

    Maysim talking about package tracer, what does it mean ? And what is the exe files ?

    1. Hi,

      I'm not sure what She's talking about. Where did you see this?

      I have never heard of a package tracer. but I'm a very skeptical when it comes to installing things to my computer.

      As for the exe well, normally an exe file is how you install or run programs on your computer. But not all exe files are safe. there are some that can be very harmful and even destroy a computer beyound repair. It is very important that you make it a habit to scan any exe because some may contain virus or malware. So it is always better to be safe then sorry and run a scan on the any exe file with your virus scanner.

      I never ever open an exe file if it replaces what I intended to download. An example of this would be, You intend to download a dress for your sims game and instead of getting a dress.sims3pack or a dress.package file you get a dress.exe file. Almost all of the time it will prove to be harmful to your computer. Some may say that it will help you download faster or safer, but I personally don't trust them. I have had to many close calls.

      There is an old saying "If/When in doubt" Get someone to help you, or just don't do it.

      Can I have your permission to post your question on my tumblr and facebook? I curious as to what others have to say about this.

      I hope this helps a little
      Emma :)

  5. Thank you for the answer. Of course you can post my question, the text about tracer package/exe file come from maysim Tumblr (she promptly removed...). Here the whole post :

    1. Oh Wow!!! Ummm Why would she send a prototype of a program when it is not finished. It more then likey did cause a probelms to that ex-members computer. And whats up with the "randsomeware virus" I just did a search on what "Ransomware" is (the correct spelling) and HOLY COW!!! She just sunk her own ship.

      Google Search Results...

      noun: ransomware; noun: ransom-ware

      a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.
      "although ransomware is usually aimed at individuals, it's only a matter of time before business is targeted as well"

      End of Google Search Results...

      Why did MaySims choose this type of virus to explain her innocence? And how does she know about ransomware in the first place. And if she is innocent why delete her only response to this whole situtation. It seems to me that she just may realize that she has been cought. At least that is my opinion.

      Can I also have permission to use this image. People in the Sims Community need to know about this. This is just a game and it is meant to be fun. When it gets to the point that you feel you must do harm to a person or to their personal properity then you need to walk away. It's not worth it.

      I do create content for the Sims 4 and I know the work that goes into, but that does not give me the right to do harm to anyone or their personal stuff. I am outraged at her maysims actions. And I think that if everyone knew about this, many others would feel the same way.

  6. Oops sorry it's not the right text on the link, I think I don't have it anymore :(

    1. What? She made 2 post and then delete them both. SMH... Something is just not right about all of this. Like I said She had no right treating her ex-member that way. Removing her as a member and blocking her was enough.

  7. I finally found the post here (the other post after she deleted the original on Tumblr because of "irrelevant comments" but in Tumblr she she didn't speak about tracer package (...). The copy of the post is also here if you prefer : (scroll down a little)

    1. Thank you so much for all the information and the help you have given us.

      We are hoping to be able to create a "SAFEZONE" for Everyone in the Sims Community. Knowing about anyone who has threatened, or plans to cause harm, or actually has caused harm to other member of the Communty and their personal properity need to have all their files scanned and and placed in an area to prove that they are safe before they are downloaded by anyone.

      So Thank You so much for all your Help.

      Emma :)

  8. Oh my...I didn't know about this! I'm sorry I was one of the people who requested Sims 4 version of their hair. I also dont understand how can someone claim Copyright Infringement when they are not the owner of the original work? Thats just ridiculous!!! I hope people stop paying for her stuff before its too late! I'm with you Emma,you have all my support! **Team Emma here** Stay Strong! xoxo Dani

    1. Thank You Dear, That means alot.

      And It is no one fault that this has happened but MaySims

      Some people are so greedy, that they feel the need to make people pay for the things they create. Really, the whole reason a creator makes custom content for the game is to give other players more options and to better their game play right? If they feel the need to be paid for their "hard work" then why go to the trouble to create it in the first place.

      the funny thing is, the Wrongful DMCA Complaint has not been addressed by her at all. As well as the fact that 95% of the content on her site is originally owned by others and she has not obtained permission to use it.

      The day will come when she will get what she deserves for her actions. Karma, is a bi**h.

      Thank You for your Support Sweetie
      Lots of Hugs

  9. Maysims is ridiculous thief... I can't understand why others aren't saying anything about it but loving her from head to toes.

    1. I agree,

      But don't you mean "Loving Her from the tip of Her Forked Tongue to end of her Rattle" She has got the wool pulled over a lot of people eyes, but just like a snake she will enventually strike at them too.

      All I can say is... Not to many people are fond of snakes and eventually someone will cames along takes care of them.