Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Emma's Simposium TS3 & TS4 Cemetery: TS3 RIP #129 - EJ-ES TS3RC - SimStudio51 Wood Set ...

Emma's Simposium TS3 & TS4 Cemetery: TS3 RIP #129 - EJ-ES TS3RC - SimStudio51 Wood Set ...:

Set Includes: 5 Pieces
Category: Patterns, Wood,
Ages: N/A
Gender: N/A
Color Options: N/A
Hat Enabled: N/A
In Game Cost: 0 Semoleon
New Mesh: Yes
May Be Recolored: Yes
Doors/Windows/Wall Sizes: N/A
Original/Retextured/Conversion: Recreation
Required: Base Game, Latest Patch,
Pet Fix: (TS3 Only) Not Needed
Game Version; TS3
Original: Not Included (Lost Content)
Original Artist: SimStudios51, Emma J3an
Requested By: Anonymous Request
Shared By: Emma J3an @ Emma's Simposium

Inactive As Of:
May 2012
Last Known Address: 
Special/Important Notes:
Artist Website is Inactive
Content has been Disabled.
Patterns were recreated by Emma J3an

Contains S3 Sims3packs & Packages

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