Thursday, October 27, 2016

Emma's Simposium Update 10-27-2016

Update On Emma & Family

Emma's Husband:

     Emma's Husband (My Dad) will be going into the hospital on Friday (October 28th, 2016) to have Gallbladder Surgery. He is expected to return home on the same day. As with all surgeries there are risk but he has had serious problems in the past with general anesthesia. We are told that he can not have a local anesthesia because of the location of the gallbladder and that he must have the general anesthesia. Please Keep him in your thoughts & prayers for the next few days and during his recuperation.

What this Means for Emma's Simposium:

     As of today, Emma will be taking a Leave of Absence, She will be offline for about a week or longer depending on how well her husband is recovering, If you want to make a request please underestand that any request may not be filled until she returns. She will update the site on her return whe she comes back. She may stop by once in a while if she can and if there are any request she might can take the time to fill them. So please consider this when making a request over the next week.

      Thank You all for your understanding and the wonderful support you have shown Emma and her Family. I for one am very greatful to a "Special Group" and a "Very Special Lady" that has been there for Emma during all this. Your Friendship has been a true blessing to her. She has spoken very highly of you all, and she loves helping all of You in the Sims Community. She sends her Love to You all.

Emma's Daughter,

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  1. Good luck, Emma! I send good thoughts from Polish <3

    1. Thank You Dear Goosiennica <3

      Lots Of Hugs

  2. They say that friends are the family one chooses. We all want our friends as brothers and always wish her happiness. We pray for you and your husband.

    1. Thank You So Much Marco. Your Prayers are Greatly Appreciated

      Many Hugs

  3. Thanks. Good luck. Pray that all goes well

  4. You and yours will be in my prayers!