Friday, October 21, 2016

Warning!!! Maysims Bad Files - Crashes Game - Missing Hair - Errors

* Maysims Files Bad *

The Newest Hair Maysims Hair 239F

Hairs 235M & 236F

Missing Hair, Errors, 
Crashes Game, Corrupt files,
What is Going On?

Maysims Hair Request:

     We have been receiving a high number of request asking for working versions of Maysims Hairs. Some of the Request are for hairs as old as Maysims Hair 202 for Female's. This particular Request said that the original hair was missing the actual Hair (Image 2 Below) then there was an update on the hair, she then replaced the original hair with the updated version and it caused her game to crash. I asked her to send me both the original and updated version of Hair 202F. First, I tried the original hair in game and the results were as described by the Requester. I then the second hair in the various tools and in game which resulted in Errors in all the tools and even in Sims4Studios (S4S) which resulted in an Error. When I eventually added to my game as a procaution I removed all Custom Content then tried to load the game with just hair 202F and the game crashed before it even began to load. Below are images of hair 202F in various tools and the results that we got. 

        Maysims Hair 202F                Hair 202F in Game Before Update

Hair 202F in S4S After Update       Hair 202F in S4pe After Update       

Hair 202F In S4CasTool After Update

And as a last resort I tried
Hair 202F In Game After Update

     This is not the only hair that we tested that is causing errors, and crashes, Out of the 7 of the newest hairs that were brought to our attention 6 of them had major problems. We even notices on the Hair 202F (before the update) that the GEOM was missing whish is the acutal hair mesh. We Have ran all 6 hairs through the 6 different Virus Detectors and there was no threat found. 

     At this point any Request for Maysims "Newest" Hairs will be put on hold until Maysims can fix them or We can firgure out what she has done and fix them ourselves. An Error Report has been sent to S4S in hopes that they can help to determine what the problem is. So Please be patient. You can still place your Request, but if the Hair is corrupt, or causes an error it will not be shared.

Here is the list so far of Hairs that have problems and need fixed.

  1. Maysims Hair 202F - Crashes Tools and Game
  2. Maysims Hair 232F - Part of mesh missing which results in non colorable hair in the area around the ponytail.
  3. Maysims Hair 235m - Crashes Tools and Game
  4. Maysims Hair 236F - Crashes Tools and Game
  5. Maysims Hair 237M - Will load in tools but after a few seconds it throws up errors. In game Hair is missing. 
  6. Maysims Hair 238F - No Mesh
  7. Maysims Hair 239F - Will load in tools but after a few seconds it throws up errors. In game Hair is missing. 
Why isn't Maysims fixing these hairs?

     Honestly I do not think anyone wants to approach Maysims after what happened the last time someone brought a messed up hair to her attention. That was only one hair, who knows what she will do if someone tells her that there are 6 of them that are messed up.

If other people are getting the same results that I got with the hairs then, My question is... 
  • "How is she getting screenshots?" 
  • "Are the Hairs working before she decides to share them? If they are then..." 
  • "What is she doing to them right before she puts them up for download?"  
  • "Is she purposely messing the hairs up just to get more money when she fixes them?"
  • "Will She ever Fix them?"
What ever the answers are to these questions it can't be good? 

Will I Fill the Request When  the hairs are Fixed? 
Yes. I will still fill them using the same method I have been all along. She can Claim that she owns them all she wants. The Fact is She Does Not Own Them, The meshes she is using to convert the hairs belong to the Author of the Original Hair and EA for the Mesh she uses when transfering the hair to another game format. So NO SHE DOES NOT OWN THE HAIRS.

     Yes, I have been doing my homework and I am slowly learning this conversion thing. At some point you have to use a mesh from the game, EA's game, when converting anything, So no, Anyone who converts content does not own the mesh. EA does. .  

We will Keep you updated on the outcome of these hairs and if/when they are fixed.

Hugs to All

Contact Me or Post Your Questions Below.

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  1. I hate her site...She earns money for the work of other authors. Her hair causing problems in my game too. Maysims should be destroyed.

    1. Yes David, that is so wrong of her. We could change the name of the "Paysites Must be Destoryed" to "Maysims Must be Destoryed" LOL. Autually let her keep doing what she's doing. She's digging her own grave. Especially with messing the hairs up and puttingn them up for download. People will stop going to her site and stop wanting her hairs. It's just a matter of time if she keep going the way she is going.

      I will learn how to do this conversion thing and when I do.... A lot will change..


    2. If you want to learn how convert hair from other sims game I found pair video tutorials:
      I wish you good luck in learning! :)

  2. I tested 4 of these and all 4 show up in my game.

    1. Hello Shenna, I have no clue what is going on. I just downloaded 6 of the hairs again including the newest one and none there are problems with all of them. Hair 235M & 236M still, crashes my game.

      Is it possible for you to share your working copies. with us?

      Thank you for letting me know.

  3. I tested 6 hairs in my game (except 237M I don't have, I expect to have enough points now...) and I have no issue with these hairs. It would not be possible to share these hairstyles stating that it is at our own risk ?

    Pic :

    1. Hello Dear,

      Thank you for letting me know. I have, As I stated above, still getting the same results Errors even after downloading them again. I have no clue what is going on. I even noticed that my points have disappeared that I had on the site. it not just the hairs that some are having problem with their even having problem with the site. Some even say that they can no longer comment. which is a major way of making the points.

      I'm not quite sure what you mean when you said "It would not be possible to share these hairstyles stating that it is at our own risk ?" On my site if you share anything Anonymously It remains Anonymous. No one can find out who shared it...Not even me. If you use the FileDrop box on our contact page or on our Request page. Your file is uploaded to a private folder that only I can access. If you are worried about sharing the Hairstyles and Maysims finding out... There is no need to worry. If your worried about your IP being tracked. you can use a VPN. A VPN changes your IP to mask your real IP. I use Hoxx VPN for FireFox and Chrome on a daily basis and I never worry about someone getting my real IP.

      Hun Honestly When I say You will remain anonymous if you want to share those hairs You Will Be ANONYMOUS.

      I really hope you will consider sharing Your working version of the Hairstyles with Us. It would make a lot of people very happy that has requested them.

      Thank You so much for letting me know And PLEASE consider sharing them.

    2. Thank You Sweetie,

      It seems that some people have problems and some are not. I don't quite understand what Maysims is doing and why she is so determined to keep others from sharing/using the content that she has on her site. It is well known that 99% of that content she has belongs to other Creators and she is claiming that it is hers. When it comes to Maysims No One and I do mean NO ONE can trust her. Just ask the paying member who Maysims gave a virus to, and her other member that made her mad that received viruses from her. Maysims is a wolf in sheep's clothing and she will eventually show her true self to everyone, one of these days.

      I was able to receive a few of the hairs that others were willing to share, and they did work in game. It has also come to my attention that Maysims is blocking the IP of many of her members from the US... Why is that???? Could it be because many of us will stand up to her. The only way I will not share her content is if it is infected with a virus or if she can prove with out a doubt that she is the SOLE OWNER of the Mesh she is using.

      I'm not quite sure what you mean when you said "It would not be possible to share these hairstyles stating that it is at our own risk ?" What kind of risk are you talking about? Did you see this on Maysims site? Has she threatened you or others? If you share a file anonymously there is no way she can know that you shared it At least not through my system. But that is up to you.

      Don't let her scare you. If you share a file of hers what could she do? The only thing she can do to me is have a page removed or a link removed. That still wont stop me from sharing her files. Let her try and sue me in court or file a DMCA against me...This time she better be 100% sure she is the OWNER of the CC.

      I am sorry for sounding so harsh. But it make me so mad that she has got so many people scared to do anything. Thank You for letting me know that you have working copies of the hairs. It just adds more proof to the fact that she is picking and choosing which members she shares the working copies with while sending out corrupt content to the other half of her members.

      Lots Of hugs Dear
      Emma <3

    3. I've had issues with her hair in the past, on top of someone gaining access to my bank account after making a payment to her website (I don't use my card online, and yet as soon as I did, this happened). I honestly had no idea people were having so many issues. Granted, she paid me back the amount I paid, however... she also cancelled my account. I honestly find this hilarious. What a waste of human life.

      Thank you so much for what you do. You take the time to check all of these files for viruses, as well as their working condition in game. On top of that, you are working towards conversions on your own, and not trying to make a buck. People like you are what keep the modding community going.

    4. Thank You Sweetie,

      Maysims is a character. She definitely can not be trusted that's for sure. We are constantly getting complaints about her and her content, most of our request for her is for a workig version becasue the versions they got are missing parts of the mesh or messes up their game.

      I have always loved playing the Sims and knowing that I can help others to get the best out of their game and truly enjoy it is what keeps me doing what I do. I just hope I can lead other to share the way I do and help make this community one of the best gaming community out there.

      The one thing I will never do is charge money for anything I share. I think it is just wrong to charge money for something that in reality belongs to the company that owns the copyright to the game. One of these days it will come back and bite those people right where it hurts.

      Thank You Dear I hope I do make a difference. I hope at least to make some of those playing the Sims a little bit happer with their game.

      Have a Wonderful Evening
      Lots of Hugs
      Emma 💖

  4. I hate her site too, I made an account some time ago, was able to download things just fine, and then all of a sudden, I was logged out and I couldn't sign in anymore. the "forgot your password?" thing doesn't work, and she NEVER answers emails. not only that, but some moderators on S4S said that she intentionally corrupts her downloads

    1. Same happened to me. She's a crook and a devious self centered witch that thinks she is the only one that can convert others hair. If she doesn't like that your complaining she will say she's sending you a fixed version of the content when in fact she has placed a virus in the package that will destroy your hard drive. After dealing with her I had to buy a new hard drive and pay to have windows reinstalled to repair what her virus did to my pc. Needles to say when I contacted her about it she never replied and then did something to block me from going on her site. If I were you or anyone else that is using her content or going to her site. I'd be very careful. it's like she has 2 personalities and she can switch back and forth at the drop of a hat.

    2. Reitana,

      It is true that she attacks those who complain. I have several reports that computer hard drives have been destroyed and some software and even the sims games has had to be reinstalled because of her attacks.

      @ Reitanna & Anonymous

      Here at ES we make every effort to test and scan every piece of content that we have. even if the content is from a well know creator and we know they are safe. Before Uploading the content for download I do a scan using 6 different virus detectors and in the time that I have been doing these I have stopped a total of 25 viruses that were hidden in package files. Out of those 25. 22 of them where Maysims Hairs.

      It is better to be safe then sorry when it comes to downloading anything from the internet. I am a fanatic when it comes to my computers. I also get beyond upset when my computers are attacked in any form. So I continually do boot scans on a regular basis to root out any threats. I can't afford to lose all the content that has been recovered that I have stored for sharing. So I take no chances.

      @ Anonymous

      I am so sorry that you had to go though that with Maysims. She is one of the reasons why we do what we do here at ES. I hope you are finding plenty of content for your game.

      Hugs to You Both

  5. I would rather download the hairs from the ORIGINAL owner rather than her site tho... she's using someone else's hairs and made people PAY for those. Unbelievable.

    1. Well with the news we just received from EA Maysims may end up on their radar. they are investigating a few of the Creators who are using the Patreon site like Leosims. That is why he is closing his Patreon Down.

      ES might just have to send them word of how she operates her site and let them know about all the malicious attacks that she has made just because someone complained about a piece of content. Like the poor fellow Simmer in the comment above.

      Working together is how We will make the Sims Community a SAFE & FREE Community for ALL,