Friday, May 12, 2017

Update On Emma - 05-12-2017 - Please Read

* May 12, 2017 *
* Site Wide Update *

Update on Emma
& Massive Request Update

Medical Leave Continues...

     Sorry for the delay in giving an update on Emma. First, Emma and I wnat to Thank All of those who sent get well wishes and prayers for Emma, We have had more then our fare share of  medical problems lately. 

     Emma went to her Dr's appointment and she will not need surgery, Thank God! but, because of other medical problems her recover is going to take much longer then expected. the Dr thinks that it will be about 10 more weeks before he can remove the cast and then she will need physical therpy to gain full mobility back to her leg. Please continue to keep her and our family in your thoughts and prayers as we go though this ruff time. I will do my best to keep you update but please bare with me.

Massive Request Upload...

All of you should remeber the last Massive Request Upload that I did for Emma. I have received all you request & comments that you have posted as well as the Anonymous Upload Request. I am gathering them and will be posting the Massive Upload Link within the next two days, Please Remeber I am still new at this and it will take me much more time to get them together then it would Emma so please, again bare with me. The Massive Upload Link Will be posted at the top of the Request Page just like before. and you should receive a notification on your request that it has been posted. or you can just check the Request page daily for the Updated Link.    

I am so sorry for the long over due post. I hope to start posting the Request Update Link once a week so you dont have to wait so long. Again I am so so sorry.

Lots of Hugs
Sissy (Emma's Daughter)

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  1. Hi I just discovered your site today...its fantastic. Hope you are feeling much better. Big thanks for all your hard work. Thanks also to Sissy. Stay Blessed.

  2. Thank you for all your had work I love you guys thank you so much!

  3. Hey emma, can you donate skysims hair 058 on butterflysims for everyone and me can use this CC. Please and thanks first

    1. Hi Gà Tr Äü,

      Due to Emma's Medical Leave you can find your Request Under the Massive Temporary Link Posted at the Top of the Request Page...

      This Link is only Temporary because it is a Massive Request Fulfillment Post and Has content that is only shared though the Temporary Link System. It will last for 48 Hours ONLY.

      Please Keep Emma in Your Prayers
      Sissy (Emma's Daughter)

  4. I am sorry your having health problems, I will pray for you.

    1. Thank You Karrie,
      I am doing much better.