Thursday, September 21, 2017

Site Update - 09-21-2017 - Please Read



     First I want to Thank All of You for the warm heartfelt get well wishes and prayers that you all sent my way. I am still recovering and hope to be back in full swing very soon. You all have a special place in my heart and I will do what I can to make Your visist here a good one. With that being said. lets move on to what I mean by the title of this post.

Greed, Lies, Sabotage, 

     This seems to be what The Sims Community has come to. Money Is The Root Of All Evil. “Money is a necessity, but not the determinant of a successful life."

     Money changes people in ways you can hardly image. It will take a person who use to be sweet, loving, honest and compassionate, and turns them into a Greedy, Vindictive, Lying, and yes even a Saboteur. 

     It was brought to my attention this morning that GREED paid a visit to our site once again and decided to take it upon them selves to have the Massive Link taken down. Well, "News Alert" That will not stop The Patreon/Paid Sims Content from being shared.  

To The Greedy. Liers, & Saboteurs

     You may think youv'e won... but this battle will never end. Sure you can try to get my site closed, my links taken down, or pages removed. But know this... That will not stop Your content from being shared. There will be another to take my place. Close that one... And yet Another will pop up and take it's place, and so forth.

     The only way your are going to Stop your"PAID" content from being shared is to make it free to everyone. Look at The Sims Resource (TSR), a once PROUD PAID Site for YEARS is now entirely FREE to ALL. Why??? Becasue they got tired of the battle, Take a Leason From Them and MAKE YOUR CONTENT FREE TO ALL! 

In the Sims Community We have:
  • People who LIE and say that the content belongs to them, even when they post the Original Artists Name on the Content they claim is theirs.
  • People who SABOTAGE the content they share to harm others equipment.
  • People who deliberately send out VIRUSES to their visitors/members becasue they shared a piece of content.
  • People who try and DISCREDIT other people becasue they are given a gift and want to share it with someone who for what ever reason has no way of getting the content. 
  • People who are just plain GREEDY.
  • People who blame others bor their own DOWN FALL. 

     I am no saint and I don't claim to be the best creator out there. But one thing I am is HONEST, and I dont ask for anything in return. If some one would ask me for my last piece of bread, I would give it to them no matter how hungry I am. All I do here is Help those who ask. I can't help that people believe the way I do and share your "Paid" content with me. As I said, I am Honest. If I am asked if I have something, I WILL SHARE IT. PLAIN & SIMPLE.

     If you don't want your content shared. Then do the right thing and make it FREE to EVERYONE. If someone wants to support you, then by all means let them on their own terms. Don't FORCE it on everyone.

A Short Story of a GREEDY Person 

      There was a request for some content that is missing and the Author of the content has been off-line since early 2016. The content was found through an archive site, and 99% Content was recovered. But... This Author had been so GREEDY that hthey had every link for their content going through not 1 but 3 different paid to click sites, Even though this Author is no longer participating in the Sims Community or even the game they are still are getting paid for every click on those URLs. HOW WRONG IS THAT!

     I've said it once and I'll say it again. This Community should be a place where we can come and enjoy a Wonderful game and share what we make with a group of  Wonderful People. Yes there are some Awesoem Poeple out there who deserve to have what we create and share with out GREED, LIES, & SABOTAGE.

Just Remember What You Give To Others Will Be Given To YOU!!! 

Lots Of Hugs

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself Emma!!! You are such a wonderful person for doing what you do and I hope and pray that the Lord blesses you abundately!!

    I am a 65 year old simmer that is a disabled woman on a very tight, and limited budget and can't afford going to pay sites for items for a game. The money they want could buy a loaf of bread
    or a gallon of milk. I can't even afford a car or the insurance to make it legal or even the gas it takes to make it run it.

    Since the computer is the only entertainment I have, I love the Sims and have been playing it for years ever since my daughter showed me the game when the sims 2 was popular so many years ago.

    Back then they had a website called the "sims cave" that shared content, and I visited there daily. It was a wonderful community
    with a lot of great people.

    I just adore you for sharing what I can't afford just for me to enjoy my game. I totally agree with everything you said!! Thank you so much Emma (and the people who share the content!!) And a very big thank you to you for not only putting it out there for us but also for fighting the greedy people.

    I love you for doing what you do, and for caring about people like me. A great big virtual hug to you, your daughter and all the people who share the content. I love you all!!!

    1. Thank You Dear Ruby,

      I started playing the Sims with the very first Sims made. My son brought home the Sims Bustin Out on Playstationn Oneand I was hooked.

      I have never seen Greed develop as quickly as it has in these past few months. The Sims has always been my go to game when I want to relax and enjoy some me time. Now all I see is a bunch of greedy people thinking they are better then everyone else just because they can create a little.

      I truly feel sorry for these poeple. becasue nothing ever last. Just look at TSR. Just like it those with the "Greedy Support me or no content" phase will end also.

      I am so so Glad that You enjoy this site. It is for those like you that I continue to do what I do. And I Love helping and I am going to do my best to Continue .

      I Love You Guys too
      You all are such a blessing to me.
      Hugs My Dear

  2. Dear Emma, I will like to share these two helpful websites with you about the Custom Content people are charging for.

    You might want to share it with those who tell you to take the custom content link down. That their breaking the Terms and services that they agreed too.
    I also believe they can get in trouble for charging people money for a item.

    1. Thank You Mandy

      They came in handy.

      Hugs Dear

  3. Terms of Service on the EA's website.

  4. Hi Emma!

    I play sims from the second generation and I remember that a lot of the payment content was in bootysims and simscave I do not remember that there was any problem to be shared

    In recent months I have seen that many creators of sims 4, use these methods of payment are free to do that if but not everyone is willing to pay for an object, hairstyle, clothes...

    I thank you for sharing free and paid custom content! I feel very grateful

    Happy simming :)

    1. Hello Ingrid,

      I Loved to go to those sites too. I agree with you. If they would stop paying the creators they would stop charging.

      You are very Welcome My Dear
      I Love What I do.

  5. actually, EA has stated clearly that people are not ALLOWED to charge for custom content. that may have been why TSR is free now, just having the paid service to go ad-free. but all of these people who use paysites and short links to make money off of their CC are breaking the law. and is the WORST! I just love the pop ups it gives me, even though I have a pop up blocker! and the one that talks, saying "your account information is being sent to Microsoft" and refuses to close is just so FUN and AWESOME. T_T

    1. Please read this section No where does it state that you cannot sell your UGC (CC) :
      "5. Your UGC

      You are responsible for your UGC. You may not upload UGC that infringes a third party's intellectual property rights or that violates the law, this Agreement or a third party's right of privacy or right of publicity.

      EA may, in its sole discretion, remove, edit or disable UGC for any reason, including if EA reasonably determines that UGC violates this Agreement. EA does not assume any responsibility or liability for UGC, for removing it, or not removing it or other Content. EA does not pre-screen all UGC and does not endorse or approve any UGC available on EA Services.

      When you contribute UGC, you grant to EA and its licensors a non-exclusive, perpetual, transferable, worldwide, sublicensable license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, publicly perform, publicly display or otherwise transmit and communicate the UGC, or any portion thereof, in any manner or form and in any medium or forum, whether now known or hereafter devised, without notice, payment or attribution of any kind to you or any third party. You also grant all other users who can access and use your UGC on an EA Service the right to use, copy, modify, display, perform, create derivative works from, and otherwise communicate and distribute your UGC on or through the relevant EA Service without further notice, attribution or compensation to you."

    2. You JUST pasted it.
      " You also grant all other users who can access and use your UGC on an EA Service the right to use, copy, modify, display, perform, create derivative works from, and otherwise communicate and distribute your UGC on or through the relevant EA Service without further notice, attribution or compensation to you."
      By making the UGC for the game you agree to not be compensated for it.

    3. I believe you misinterpreted that. It says anyone who can ACCESS. Therefore, If it is a paid content, only paid users can access, therefore, Only the users with access to that CC can do those following. In addition, it does NOT say you cannot be compensated for making the work, It says that the persons with ACCESS may copy,modify,display, perform, and create derivative works using your UGC without compensation. Those are very two different things.
      So in actuality, By making UGC you agree that anyone who can access the cc can do as they please and not pay you a dime afterwards. So by this Terms and agreement, Emma's site perfectly agrees to the EULA since they are free to do whatever they want with the CC once they have it.

    4. Whoopsie daisy, I did read that wrong.
      But well...I guess there's no issue then. Emma can do what she wants!