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Request: The Sims 4 & The Sims 3 

We enjoy sharing and one way to share is to fulfill others request.
To help with this when Request are being taken you will see a Message on the Homepage titled "REQUEST OPEN" Clicking this message will bring you to our "Request Page" where you can then post your request.

Requests will be filled on a first come first served basis or by availability. So PLEASE be patient. Please try to keep your request to at least no more than 5 items at a time.
There is no limit on how many request you can make, but Please be considerate of others.

Update 07-10-2016 -  Sims 4 Request will take priority over Sims 3. However, If a Sims 3 request is available and the Sims 4 Request is not then the Sims 3 Request will take priority.

Update 09-25-2013 - We will now take Special Request. These Request will include Birthday Wishes, Anniversaries, Births, Get Well, etc... Please see our Request Page for More Details.

Update 07-10-2016 - Sims 4 

Welcome to the Sims 4. Sorry for the delay in updating this section of our Services. We've been a little busy filling request and addinig the Sims 4 content to our site. Our main focus will know be on the Sims 4 but we will still honor the Sims 3 and hopefully add a Sims 2 section.

Sims 4 Packages:

Merging multipul packages into a single package. We can merge all the content from one author/site in a single package which will help load time of your game.

Update 10-24-2013 - REQUEST's Are Permanently Open:

We will be taking Request on a daily basis. Especially for .package format, and the new All-In-One .package format. 

.sims3pack to .packages:

I personally like to use the .package format. I like the idea of being able to combine all my packages such as hairs into one .package file. Doing this allows you to increase the performance and speed of your game.
We do have an easy way to convert .sims3pack to .package form and can do it for you upon request.
However, there are some items that can not be converted such as any pattern that was created using the "The Sims 3 Create A Pattern Tool". So it is always a good idea to keep the .sims3pack just in case you run into a problem with a .package file.

All-In-One .package:

Example of All-In-One package - Lets look at the Lavelle Truffle Series from VitaSims3. There are 4 Room Sets in the Series that contain a total of 141 .sims3packs or .packages in all. Installing all 141 individual packages into you game can cause Slow Loading or In Game Lagging. We can merge all 141 .packages into 1 All-In-One .package to help eliminate some if not all of these problems. Or if nothing else it will help you to manage your Custom Content (CC). For example. Merging all the content from one site or merging all the hairs you have in game. Keep in mind that the less packages you have in game the more content you can have. 141 .pages vs 1 package. which would you rather have? We do ask when  making a request that you remember others and please try to follow the rules stated on our Request Page.

Other Updates:
  • Update 09-25-2013 - We will now take Special Request. These Request will include Birthday Wishes, Anniversaries, Births, Get Well, etc... Please provide the Persons Name when making a request along with the date you'd like it posted. There will be a limit of no more then 2 Items/Sets per request. 
  • Update 10-24-2013 -  We are now taking Request for All-In-One .packages. This can take some time depending on how many packages is involved so please understand if you do not get your request  filled on the same day.
  • Update 12-07-2013 - At the end of every month the previous months Request will be moved to "Request Fulfilled" If for some reason you have not been able to pick up your request and it's been moved look for in on our "Request Fulfilled Page"
  • Update 07-13-2014 -  You can also find any Requested content under the title "Requests" We will periodically move Filled Request to the Request Fulfilled Section to help shorten the Request Page and make room for new Request.
  • Update 12-04-2014 -  We will be taking Request for Sims 4 Walls. Send us the image or the url of the image you want as a wallpaper and we will make the walls for you. All walls are tested in game before they are released here. This is a free service offered by Emma's Simposium. 


  1. id like request this hair

    1. Hello Amy,

      I am so sorry I did not get to your request sooner. Honestly I do not ever check individual pages for request. I rely on our Request page which I check several time daily. You will find your request Here:

      Again I am so so sorry i haven't replied sooner.


  2. Hello,

    I am looking for some of RHOWC older collections. I can not find the collections on the RHOWC site, so I am posting the Sims4Updates links. (this link is broken)

    Thank you!

    1. You'll find them here